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5 Top Bathroom Remodel Trends for Gilbert, AZ


You look at it every single day. You stand in it and think, “The things I can do with this space.”

Your master bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home. Every morning, every evening, and multiple times throughout the day you are in that room.

In fact, with the right design, that master bathroom can be a retreat, an actual space of relaxation, instead of a room of hustle and bustle and get out the door…

Bathroom Trends

Smart Storage:

Sometimes, that bathroom is that space in the house where you wish that you had more storage and functionality. From towels to products, the kid’s bath toys to everything in between, the bathroom can often become overwhelmed. For your bathroom remodel, think storage.

Ease of Use:

As I said, the bathroom is usually an in-and-out kind of situation. You jump into the shower first thing in the morning and then run out the door. So, for your bathroom remodel, consider adding ‘ease of use’ to the mix. Think curbless showers, wet rooms instead of separate tubs and showers, and even floating vanities where the height can be customized for easier use.

Music and Media:

If you are the type who likes to spend more time in the bathroom…maybe a little music with your morning routine would help get the day going. Technology in the bathroom space has come a long way. You can now add shower heads with speakers in them, light bulbs that are Bluetooth, and mirrors with docking stations.

Floor and Towel Warmers:

There are about two to three months out of the year here in Arizona when warm tile and even warmer towels would be nice to have first thing in the morning. We can make that happen for your next bathroom remodel!

Deluxe Showers:

My favorite aspect to bathroom remodels is the deluxe showers. Showers have come such a long way over the past few years, and now everything can be customized. Want a spa-like experience in the shower, with music, mood lighting and massage shower heads to hit every muscle in your body? We can make that happen.

Remodeling the bathroom has taken on a whole new form, with complete customization possible for every family! Call us for more information.

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