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Unique Ideas for Your Mesa, AZ Home Remodel


We’re in the business of complete home remodeling…speaking technically.

But, we’re actually in the business of making dreams come true…of inspiring ideas…of pushing the boundaries of design.

We’ve completed hundreds of remodels and along the way we’ve seen some truly creative inspiration that allows the home to fully embody the family’s personality and needs.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Scottsdale, AZ Home Remodel

Kitchen Table Built Into the Island

While having an extension on your kitchen island with a few barstools is pretty common, building your kitchen table into your kitchen island is warm, inviting and highly space efficient.

Chandler, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Island Countertop As a Work of Art

You could go to Pinterest and find lots of cute ways to decorate your kitchen island, or you could just make the countertop itself a work of art. Choosing a unique marble or granite slab provides instant WOW to your kitchen space. 

Gilbert, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Just a Touch of Open Shelving

The open shelving trend was pretty short because let’s face it, we all have dishes we’d rather not showcase… and keeping all those shelves dust free is a lot of work! But a few open shelves provide nice contrast to your design while allowing a place to artfully show off your favorite pieces.

Artful Bathroom Mirrors

Design has come along way from the giant mirrors that cover the entire wall. Today, it is so fun to choose bathroom mirrors that showcase your style and personality.

Adding Fun to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often where everyone likes to gather so why not make it truly a space to hang out, have some fun, share laughter and eat together. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when designing your kitchen space!

Elegant and Functional Laundry Rooms

Ah, the never ending laundry… Since we’re doing it all of the time, why not create a beautiful and functional space that makes it easy to stay organized while being a room you enjoy spending time in!

Chandler, AZ Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Eye Catching Kitchen Islands

Who says the back of your kitchen island has to be a blank wall or a bank of cabinet doors? This family created a stunning work of art on their island that is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.

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