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Choosing Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

Gilbert Arizona Kitchen Remodel

One of the first decisions customers face in our showroom is what countertop material to choose for their kitchen remodel. We are often asked whether we recommend quartz, granite, or quartzite. There’s no clear answer, as each material has its own unique qualities. Read on to learn about each material so you can make an informed choice for your kitchen renovation.

Chandler Arizona Kitchen Remodel


Quartz slabs are made of natural quartz minerals held together with advanced resins and polymers. This combination creates a durable product, strong enough to resist most scratching and staining. While it is heat resistant, it’s recommended that hot pans be placed on a trivet and not directly on the quartz surface. Quartz is ideal for high-use surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops; it’s very easy to clean and rarely shows any visible wear.

Because quartz is a man-made product, it is available in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns. Many of our kitchen remodel customers choose a design composed of one main color with veining patterns similar to natural stone. Quartz is a very well-liked option for homeowners in the East valley and Phoenix area.


Granite has been a popular choice for kitchen remodels for years, and for good reason. Because it’s natural stone, it is incredibly hard and very heat resistant. Granite will provide you and your family with years of beauty and durability. 

Granite is available in many colors, from snow white to solid black and everything in between. There are also many different patterns, including the easily recognizable speckled patterns granite is known for. Like all natural stone, no two slabs will look alike, so your new kitchen remodel will be uniquely your own!

Gilbert Arizona Kitchen Remodel


This natural stone is often confused for marble, with its white, cream, and taupe colors and beautiful veining. Quartzite is considered the hardest andmost heat-resistant stone available, making it a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. It’s very resistant to scratching, scuffing, and wear, and is far more durable than marble.

Quartzite is found in a huge range of patterns and colors, depending on which minerals are present in a particular slab. As a product of nature, every slab offers a one-of-a-kind, timeless quality that’s sure to enhance your home.

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